For over three decades, Carole Hakoun consistently delivers the highest degree of artistry and competence to all her clients.

Carole was a Master Hair Stylist, Creative Director and Trainer in Paris for very famous upscale Salons.

She was very active at Paris Fashion Week, working with top designers, models on Runway.

From her early career her approach to hair was clear. Instead of performing one “signature cut,” Carole became a Master of customization.

Her philosophy? Focus on the individual. After observing a client, Carole Hakoun would design a style that maximized her attributes and enhanced the “total look.”

“Anyone can put scissors to your hair, but a great haircut can be transformation, it affects your whole psyche.”

Carole like to match the cut and color to each client’s personality, so it is different every time. It looks like it was made for them.

Her styles are easy to maintain, and they grow out beautifully. “The best style is a versatile one that the client can duplicate at home,”

Carole’s warm and genuine personality will make you feel at home, and her hair cuts will make you feel stunning.

And how can you tell it’s a great haircut? “You can tell by how well it grows out, and how well the client can style it him/herself,” says Carole.

I want my clients to look as good in four weeks as they do when they first leave the salon.

Clients love the hair style and the relaxing head massage.