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MAJIREL The Haircolor Beauty Treatment

The Best Just Got Better!

L’Oreal Professionnel, the worldwide leader in professional haircolor and the color choice of over one million hairstylists, is pleased to introduce NEW MAJIREL, the FIRST haircolor that treats hair from the core to the surface.

NEW MAJIREL takes permanent haircolor to a greater level of performance than ever before! This haircolor beauty treatment provides even better conditioning, more brilliant shine, optimum coverage of white and better resistance to fading.

NEW MAJIREL introduces Incell™ technology, a ceramide that mimics the natural ceramide in the hair. This multi-dimensional molecule immediately attaches to the hair’s inner cuticle to strengthen its natural cohesion. As a result, the hair’s structure is reinforced for long-lasting results after the color service. Together with Majirel’s exclusive conditioning polymer, Ionne G, the entire hair fiber is now treated from the core to the surface. The power of these two innovations make hair stronger and keep color lasting longer, resulting in superior conditioning and brilliant shine! 

INOA The First Ammonia-Free Hair-color

L’Oreal Professionnel Launches First Ammonia-Free Hair Color

That itchy, stinky hair coloring experience you dread at the salon could be a thing of the past.

INOA is the first ammonia-free permanent hair color range that delivers true full coverage – including over those pesky grays. Since there’s no smelly ammonia in the product, there’s no reason to pour on the fragrance, which is the culprit behind the scratchy irritation many women feel while processing hair color.

The result? A soft, smooth experience that you can actually relax in.
Oil Delivery System (ODS) technology is used instead of the ammonia and it’s a breakthrough because the oil base is what drives the colorant into the heart of the hair fiber. Less harsh than ammonia, it helps to maintain the hair’s natural level of lipids and essential amino acids (up to twice that of ammonia-based colorants), and the system is more comfortable to the scalp too. Tests have shown that after nine uses hair is as smooth as before coloration.

“Women have forever been making compromises when they color their hair. They deal with smell, pain, and even less healthy hair after it’s all over. My mission is to give my clients the ultimate experience, and this has really delivered,” says Carole.

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