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Specialized in Hair Cut, Extension, Hair Bride, Curly Hair, and Ombre Balayage Highlight.

Hair Treatment

Power dose treatments:

L’Oreal Professional has the most intense fast hair repair treatments available to salons.
Advanced Protein’s technology helps the treatments to reach all 3 areas of your hair. They offer core to surface conditioning beginning with the cortex, where the treatment is designed to penetrate the core of your hair to reinforce and optimize your hair from the inside out.
Finally, these treatments reinforce the surface of the hair by neutralizing negatively charges service scales to provide uniform, supple and shiny hair.

Ultrasonic Hair Repair Technology & Infrared Treatment

“This is the most amazing hair treatment ! It comes all the way from Japan. Regina was trained in Brazil to perform this treatment that will leave your hair soft, shiny and silky like you never had it for years…” says Carole


Why is it important to repair the hair cuticle?

The hair cuticle is the outer-most layer of the hair shaft.

The hair cuticle is the first line of defense against all forms of damage.

A healthy cuticle is more than just a protective layer, as the cuticle also represents the structure that controls the water content of the fiber.

Much of the shine that makes healthy hair so attractive is due to the cuticle. The condition of these scales determine your hair health and if hair cuticles are smooth and lie flat, they make hair look glossy and sleek. Broken ends at the cuticles and split ends give a dry, frizzy, and unhealthy look.


What is the Ultrasonic Technology?

Our new Japanese patented ultrasonic plate produce high frequency vibration of 36,000 times per second converting the liquid water under normal temperature in steam water. Therefore, our ultrasonic plate’s unique technology does not produce heat.

What is the Infrared Technology?

Our new Japanese patented infrared plate is used to curve the damaged hair tissue and stimulate the blood recycle of the hair root so that the hair will be kept healthier and more nutritious.

Our 14 infrared lights bring nutrients and oxygen to the cortex and stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins in the cuticle.

Total of 14 infrared lights are activates when you put the top plate down.

What is the Treatment?

• This treatment delivers and maintains Stunning Healthy Gorgeous Hair.

• It provides a nonabrasive cleaning of the hair cuticle layer and completely rejuvenates the cortex of the hair.

• High technology and professional service.

• Ultrasonic magnetic vibration and far infrared rays.

• Innovation of hair care to reach a better effect in a healthier way.

• Changes the structure of the molecular and gasify the water.

• Makes the water, nutrition and protein penetrate directly into the cortex.

• Recovers the damaged hair directly.

• Restores the hair fiber and its elasticity.

• Penetrates 100% ultra-fine nutrients of hair treatment directly into the hair cortex sealing for 30, 60 days.

• The treatment takes 1hour.

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